Diana Wynne Jones

I don’t remember exactly which was my first Diana Wynne Jones book. It was either Dogsbody or Eight Days of Luke. I loved both of them. I’ve borrowed, picked up and read her books on and off ever since, although there were some I never made it to.

When she died on 26th March, 2011 it was blow to many in the book community, including myself. (It was ever so much more of a blow to her family and loved ones I’m sure, and I don’t meant to make light of that.) I decided I wanted to read through her books as I kind of memorial, getting the chance to reread those I had read before and discover the ones I missed. I started with Wilkins’ Tooth at the end of March, but I haven’t gotten any further than that yet.

Just Finished Up Next
Power of Three Drowned Ammet

Marcus and I finished reading Eva Ibbotson’s The Great Ghost Rescue today so I’m hoping I might get him to read both more Ibbotson and some of Wynne Jones’ appropriate titles with me. We’ll see if that happens.

It is impossible to get a matching set of Wynne Jones books as they’ve been published over a lot of time and under a number of different publishers and imprints. I’ve done my best to match things as works best for me, but this isn’t a coherent enough collection to go into the dream library.

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  1. Fantastic author – so many books I would love to read (for the first time) or re-read!


    • Exactly! That’s the whole reason why I’ve started this crazy project. So many books I’d love to reread or read for the first time. Adding reading to Marcus for the kids’ books looks like it was a good move too. We’re on our second Eva Ibbotson right now and he was interested in The Ogre Downstairs too.


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