DWJ March: Power of Three

Jones, Diana Wynne - Power of Three

My original cover for Power of Three

This is another Diana Wynne Jones book that I first read in either my childhood or teenage years. I bought my original paper copy second hand, but the cover on the right still gives a good indication of when that was.

Over on Kristen’s post, the comments are talking about the lack of good covers for this book, and while I don’t claim this is a good cover, it’s certainly different from many of the others, so I thought I would share.

This is one of those books where Jones turns everything on its head very quickly as we go from getting to know Gair, Anya and Ceri to meeting the very dangerous giants – who might just be something quite different from what we expect.

While I’d already read Jones before I read Power of Three, it was the first time she really showed me how she could shift the reader’s perception by the way she told her story. Once again, she blew me away and I remain a life-long fan.


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  1. I just saw this cover online a couple of hours ago when I was looking to see if they were all bad. It’s definitely different from the new ones and tries to tell more of the story. The new ones just seem to focus on the collar (except the creepy eyes version). This is such a complex story. I think it would be tough to make a good cover. And it apparently hasn’t been rereleased as many times so maybe there’s hope for a good cover in the future!
    I can see how this story could be a game changer for young readers. Even as an adult first-timer, I was fascinated by the perception change. She executes it so well! It’s too bad that this seems to be one of her lesser known books.


  2. It was one of her books I read early, so it had a lot of impact on me.


  3. The first time I read Power of Three I had already read several of her books. I seem to remember a cover with a boy I assumed was Gair looking rather elvish…


    • Ela, if you go to the link on my “extra” post, there’s a cover that might be the one you’re talking about. It looked vaguely familiar to me too.


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