Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart is one of those authors where I bought everything I could and therefore had too many books to keep up with reading. She wrote mainly what were probably called “gothics” at the time. Today, they would most likely be classed as romantic suspense. She also wrote a trilogy (that expanded to five books) about King Arthur and Merlin, and some children’s books.

The covers shown here would be my ideal editions of paper copies if I could get anything I wanted. I do have most of these now, but I’m still missing a few, most especially the edition of Nine Coaches Waiting. If you know of anyone who has a spare, do please let me know.

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I am (very slowly) working my way through Mary Stewart’s books in the order they were published. I’m not going very fast, but I’m enjoying each one as I read it.

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  1. I didn’t know they were available in ebook format! Where are they available? I searched in Amazon but I couldn’t see them there. I’d rather get the physical copies of her romantic suspense novels because they’re all so pretty. They look good lined up on the shelf. I can’t justify getting the Merlin books until I finish reading the ones that I already have.


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