Susanna Kearsley

I don’t remember when I first heard about Susanna Kearsley, but it was in the last couple of years. Last year, I won a copy of The Shadowy Horses, autographed by the author, from the lovely Marg at The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader. In typical fashion, it sat on the shelf for ages (although I did lend it to my mother, who enjoyed it) and it was only this April that I finally read it. It was just my thing and I now want to read the rest of her books. Luckily, I’m getting in relatively early as there are only seven more books for me to read (unlike, say Georgette Heyer who is still coming – I’m not feeling up to tabulating 57 books yet!).

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Okay, so I started out of order by reading The Shadowy Horses first, but that’s okay. It made me a fan. I shall now go back to the beginning and read the rest. I doubt I’ll read The Shadowy Horses again in this sequential read, but it will depend on how much time has passed by the time I get back to it.


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  1. If you want my suggestion, skip to The Winter Sea and then The Rose Garden because they are both full of awesome, and then go back and read the others. Named of the Dragon is really good, as is Mariana, but those two and The Shadowy Horses are my favourites.

    The Splendour Falls seems to be very difficult to find even secondhand, and I have seen some copies of the book going for more than $100 before postage. I love SK’s books, but I am not paying that much for it!


  2. I can assure you I won’t be paying that kind of price. Happily my library has The Splendour Falls, so I’ll be able to borrow it from there.

    I was really surprised they had a copy of Mary Stewart’s The Wind Off the Small Isles as I think that’s been out of print, but there was a single copy lurking in the stacks. Last November all the smaller Auckland “cities” amalgamated into one “super city”. It has had its ups and downs, but being part of a single library with 55 branches has been one of the high points for bookish people like me. Marcus doesn’t actually know it, but he’s making full use of it all the time as I request the books he asks for.


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  4. […] Susanna Kearsley: 3/8 (37%) Next: Named of the Dragon […]


  5. […] Susanna Kearsley: 3/8 (37%) Next: Named of the Dragon […]


  6. […] Susanna Kearsley: 3/8 (37%) Next: Named of the Dragon […]


  7. […] Susanna Kearsley: 3/8 (37%) Next: Named of the Dragon […]


  8. […] Susanna Kearsley: 3/8 (37%) Next: Named of the Dragon […]


  9. I had no idea Susanna Kearsley had so many published books! I am familiar with her more current ones, although I have yet to read one. Named of the Dragon sounds really interesting. If you feel like reading another one of her books this month, I’m hosting a very casual group read of The Winter Sea.


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