DWJ March: The Time of the Ghost

The Time of the Ghost

The Time of the Ghost

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot to say about this one.

I have a copy (another DWJ book with a dubious cover) and I know I’ve read it, but it was many years ago and my memory is not very good. I’m pretty sure there was an unexpected twist and I think it was kind of creepy.

Was there a character (the ghost of the title?) called Fenella? I had a friend called Fenella at the time and so that caught my attention.

This much is barely worth a blog post, I know, but after doing all that work to get caught up, I don’t really want to miss any of the rest of the month’s posts. (So don’t blame me for short and rambling ones like this; blame Kristen.:) )

Although, I must say that I find myself now wanting to reread this one. (And there will be many others as the month goes on, I’m sure.)

DWJ March: My DWJ Collection

Yes, this was the first prompt, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to share my collection since I have almost as many ebooks as paper books. In the end, I decided to use the gallery function.

You’ll see I have a number of double ups between paper and ebooks. I’m pretty much 100% an ebook reader these days, so I’m slowly building my ebook collections of favourite authors, including the ones I already have in paper. I won’t be getting rid of my paper copies; I’m perfectly happy to have both.

And yes, I have three copies of Charmed Life and I haven’t read any of them. Yes, I am embarrassed about this. Yes, I will get to reading it.

DWJ March: Fanart Friday #1

Goodness but it’s hard to find DWJ fanart that isn’t anime-styled (I think, I’m not an expert) and from Howl’s Moving Castle, pretty much all inspired by the film rather than the book.

I was determined to find something else, so after lots of scrolling and searching through DeviantArt, I came up with some drawings of Sirius from Dogsbody.


Sirius by my_daroga
(Click to go to page on DeviantArt)


Doggies by LuezA-35. The sketch at top right is Sirius and Tibbles.
(Click to go to page on DeviantARt)


Sirius, precious Leo by Athenas-Owl
(Click to go to page on DeviantArt)

(If I haven’t credited anything properly, please let me know.)

I suspect I’m going to have to pick some Howl art before the month is done, but we’ll see what else I can find lurking around the Internet.


DWJ March: Power of Three extra

I found this cover of Power of Three today, which I’d never seen before. It looks rather like it came out of 70s covers, but I find it very atmospheric and rather cool, not to mention different from all the others I’ve seen.

It came from here on Tumblr.

Power of Three cover found on Tumblr

Power of Three cover found on Tumblr

DWJ March: Favourite Main Character

Dogsbody1975 READ Own in paper, ebook

Kathleen from Dogsbody

I had to think about this one a bit, but I’m going to go with my gut feelings.

  1. Polly from Fire and Hemlock
  2. Kathleen from Dogsbody
  3. Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

There, that one was quick and easy, wasn’t it?

DWJ March: The Chronicles of Chrestomanci

Jones, Diana Wynne - Chrestomanci 03 - Witch Week

My (ex-library) copy of Witch Week

I’m still catching up on Kristen M.’s DWJ March posts. Today, my intention is to do all the March promts (you can find them here). Whether I will actually manage it, especially as I’m going to be doing the single parent thing for the next two weeks, remains to be seen, but I’ll do what I can.

I’ve only read one book in this series, Witch Week (and here’s another old school cover), although I have always intended to read more. My Author Reads has dried up lately, but I haven’t given up, so my plan is to get through more books in the series at some point.

It’s a very long time since I read Witch Week, but I do remember enjoying it. Coming to it cold, without having read any of the other Chrestomanci books, it was another one of those mind-bending books that starts off seeming to be something ordinary and quickly switches on the reader.

Not having read more of the books, I’m afraid I can’t say much more for this prompt, but it’s nice to know I have plenty more in the series to get to reading.

I’ll go downstairs tomorrow when it’s daylight to take a photo of my paper collection of DWJ books.

DWJ March: Power of Three

Jones, Diana Wynne - Power of Three

My original cover for Power of Three

This is another Diana Wynne Jones book that I first read in either my childhood or teenage years. I bought my original paper copy second hand, but the cover on the right still gives a good indication of when that was.

Over on Kristen’s post, the comments are talking about the lack of good covers for this book, and while I don’t claim this is a good cover, it’s certainly different from many of the others, so I thought I would share.

This is one of those books where Jones turns everything on its head very quickly as we go from getting to know Gair, Anya and Ceri to meeting the very dangerous giants – who might just be something quite different from what we expect.

While I’d already read Jones before I read Power of Three, it was the first time she really showed me how she could shift the reader’s perception by the way she told her story. Once again, she blew me away and I remain a life-long fan.


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