Update: 16th April 2012

So, a couple of books finished since the last time I updated the sidebar.

It took me a while, but I’ve finished Decision at Doona. I found it rather slow going at first and, if I’m honest, rather boring. But once the plot finally got going when the families arrived on Doona, it picked up a lot and I zoomed on to the finish. It won’t ever be one of my favourite Anne McCaffrey books, but it ended up being a solid read and I rated it a solid 6/10.

I don’t know that I had a favourite part, but the image of Todd with his rope tail so he could be like his friend was particularly lovely.

Today, I finished A Confusion of Princes by Garth Nix. This book showed up on my Amazon recommended books list and I thought it interesting enough that I bought it when it came out. While I can’t describe the exact sub-genre it might fit in, I generally like books like this, so it seemed a risk worth taking. It took me a while to read, but I think that was more because I couldn’t find much time to read (it is the school holidays, after all) rather than due to the book itself. When I got to read it, it moved along quickly.

A Confusion of Princes didn’t blow me away, but it was an enjoyable read and I’m certainly not sorry I read it. It ended up rated as 7/10, my standard rating for a good and enjoyable book that doesn’t really raise itself above my expected acceptable level.

And the actual sidebar update:

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