Update: 6th April 2012

Two books finished since my last update. (“Father, it’s been two books since my last confession.” Sorry, we’ve been studying for Marcus’ First Reconciliation later in the month, and that’s what sprang to mind after I’d typed that first sentence.)

really enjoyed Robert Charles Wilson’s Spin. I’m so glad I finally read it and I rated it 9/10. The only reason I haven’t immediately bought the sequel (Axis) is that I know I want to read some other things in between and I’m trying only to buy when I’m up to reading. (It never works of course, see later in this post.)

Then I decided to go for something different and read my next Mary Stewart, Nine Coaches Waiting. This is one I’d read before, but as I continued through it, I found that I really only remembered the beginning. I did remember one big turning point (relating to who did or didn’t do what) but I didn’t really remember the end at all. I was slow to get going (maybe because that’s the part I remembered) and then I got a gastric bug and felt far too dreadful to read for several days, but once I picked it up again when I was feeling better, I motored through it, reading the second 2/3rds in a day or so. I loved it. It got a 9/10 as well.

The next one in the Mary Stewart Read is My Brother Michael. That’s one of the ones where I picked up a ratty paperback second hand probably when I was a teenager (lo, those may years ago) and then never got around to reading it. So I popped over to Amazon to pick up an ebook copy and, to my absolute delight, found that The Crystal Cave came up in my search results. I’ve been lamenting for a while that Mary Stewart’s Merlin/Arthurian books weren’t available as ebooks as I’d love to read them again – as I will be when I get that far – and as with pretty much any book these days, I’d rather do so on my Kindle. Yippee, hooray and other exclamations of joy! Now they are. I bought the original Merlin trilogy (The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills and The Last Enchantment) as a birthday present (thank you Jacqui for your contribution to my birthday books) and I’ll pick up the last two later in my read. There is one very happy Mary Stewart fan over here.

I’ve started Anne McCaffrey’s Decision at Doona now, mostly because I borrowed the book from a friend (I know I used to own this, but I can’t find it) and I’m going to be seeing her in a few days and want to be able to give it back.

March turned out to be an bit of an expensive book buying month for me, as I bought 21 books (my birthday was the excuse for at least some of them), 12 of which were electronic copies of books I own in paper.

  • Power of Three – Diana Wynne Jones (already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • Dragonquest – Anne McCaffrey (already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • Fair Game – Patricia Briggs (new release, latest Anna and Charles book, which I loved)
  • Oracle’s Moon – Thea Thompson (new release, latest Elder Races book although I’m a couple behind)
  • Discount Armageddon – Seanan McGuire (new release, love her Mira Grant books and this sounds fascinating)
  • A Song for Summer – Eva Ibbotson (on sale, already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • The Morning Gift – Eva Ibbotson (on sale, already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • Declare – Tim Powers (heard about on A Good Story is Hard to Find podcast and sounded fascinating, enjoyed it a lot)
  • Changer – Jane Lindskold (my favourite Jane Lindskold series, already own in paper and been self-published by the author)
  • Changer’s Daughter – Jane Lindskold (sequel to Changer, originally called Legends Walking, already own in paper, self-published by the author)
  • A Dream of Stone and Shadow – Marjorie M. Liu (own in paper, collecting as an ebook)
  • Requiem for Ashes – David Crossman (got a good review on Dear Author and I decided to buy it for US$0.99)
  • Stray – Andrea K. Höst (had a good review on a blog – sorry, I can’t remember where – so gave it a try and loved it)
  • A Confusion of Princes – Garth Nix (new release, sounded like my kind of thing and he’s meant to be a good author)
  • Lab Rat One – Andrea K. Höst (sequel to Stray because I want to know what happens next)
  • The Scorpio Races – Maggie Stiefvater (heard good things about it and it was on sale)
  • The Hounds of the Morrigan – Pat O’Shea (on sale, own in paper and loved it many years ago)
  • The Crystal Cave – Mary Stewart (already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • The Hollow Hills – Mary Stewart (already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • The Last Enchantment – Mary Stewart (already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)
  • My Brother Michael – Mary Stewart (already own in paper, getting for the Author Read)

And the actual sidebar update:

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