Cover, The Winter Sea

Why, oh why, do publishers publish books in different parts of the world with different titles? I can cope with different covers, but when the title changes everything just gets terribly confusing. A case in point is the Susanna Kearsley book known as Sophia’s Secret in the UK and The Winter Sea in the US.

I’ll be using the British edition (Sophia’s Secret) and title in my Author Read since the author lives in the UK and her books are generally set there, but the copy that is sitting on my Kindle is actually the US one (The Winter Sea) as I managed to buy it when it was on sale (and who is going to sneeze at a book sale? – it means you can buy more.)

Both covers are fine, although I think I like the one for The Winter Sea a little better. So I’m going to share that here, since it is the cover for Sophia’s Secret that will be in the Author Read list. (Are you confused yet? I am.)

The Winter Sea (aka Sophia's Secret) by Susanna Kearsley


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  1. I have NO idea why! Another bug bear is about different author names for the same book! For example, Every Secret Thing which is by Susanna Kearsley using the name Emma Cole is about to be rereleased under the name Susanna Kearsley. That isn’t going to get confusing…much.


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