Ball Lightning

Ball LightningBall Lightning by Liu Cixin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars (9/10)

I jumped to this one with 2 books left in my summer/holiday TBR when I realised it had auto-borrowed itself from the library and was ticking away my borrowing time.

I found the beginning interesting, although the prose felt a little more “blocky” than I am used to (especially after recently reading McKillip and McKinley). That could be the author, the translator or a combination of both.

Today, I picked it up at 22% and just kept reading through to the end. The explanation offered for ball lightning is fascination, as are the possibilities that leads to. I was a bit concerned that we would lose that as the story diverged into war and weapons, but it worked through that hurdle and ended up in a interesting and fascinating place.

I understand that the unexpected idea introduced at the end leads into “The Three Body Problem”, but happily it’s in a way that is interesting but absolutely doesn’t require the reading of that book and its sequels. I don’t know if I’ll try to read them or not, but it is good to see my library has all the as ebooks.

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