Fallen for You by Jules Dee

Fallen for YouFallen for You by Jules Dee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars (8/10)
Read: 5 June 2017 – 13 June 2017

I admit that I bought and started this one because it was written by a friend. So full disclosure there.

I ended up enjoying it very much, although I wasn’t certain at first. We get to meet the protagonists in dire trouble right at the beginning and things proceed to get complicated from there.

This is not a “falling in love” book, but instead a book where the characters end up in a place where they have to admit to each other that they “fell” a while ago. That makes the title a good and appropriate one, being “fallen” in the past tense. It’s about acknowledging it, making themselves vulnerable enough to say it out loud, and learning what happens next.

That was lovely.

I wasn’t so sold on the paranormal legal consequences and trial part of the book, just because the laws being followed seemed a bit arbitrary and ridiculous and the solution a bit over the top. That said, I really loved how that solution played out between Casey and Martin, I just found the dealing with the council section of the book less to my taste.

After that, it also became a mystery story (combined with dealing with all those consequences) and I really loved that too. I’d be perfectly happy with a series of mundane mysteries being solved by our heroes.

Right at the end, we went back to the council. I was a bit concerned about that, but instead of harping about in the past, we were thrown a whole bunch of hints about the future and more paranormal surprises to come. And I found I loved that too. Now I want more books, so author, please keep right on writing.

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