DWJ March: The Time of the Ghost

The Time of the Ghost

The Time of the Ghost

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot to say about this one.

I have a copy (another DWJ book with a dubious cover) and I know I’ve read it, but it was many years ago and my memory is not very good. I’m pretty sure there was an unexpected twist and I think it was kind of creepy.

Was there a character (the ghost of the title?) called Fenella? I had a friend called Fenella at the time and so that caught my attention.

This much is barely worth a blog post, I know, but after doing all that work to get caught up, I don’t really want to miss any of the rest of the month’s posts. (So don’t blame me for short and rambling ones like this; blame Kristen. 🙂 )

Although, I must say that I find myself now wanting to reread this one. (And there will be many others as the month goes on, I’m sure.)

3 responses to this post.

  1. I couldn’t resist an unplanned reread of Charmed Life after thinking about it for a couple of days after the prompt. This one will probably be next. I hate how little I remember about some of these books but I know it’s because I completely devoured them the first time through without leaving much time for absorbing.


    • Exactly. And for some of them, it’s probably between 30 and 35 years ago that I read them, so I think I’m allowed some memory lapses.

      I’m very tempted to reread this one myself.


  2. Yes, yes! Reread it! I love Time of the Ghost!

    (It took me many years and many rereads to love Time of the Ghost, and now that I love it at last, I am a very big evangelist for it.)


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