DWJ March: Fanart Friday #1

Goodness but it’s hard to find DWJ fanart that isn’t anime-styled (I think, I’m not an expert) and from Howl’s Moving Castle, pretty much all inspired by the film rather than the book.

I was determined to find something else, so after lots of scrolling and searching through DeviantArt, I came up with some drawings of Sirius from Dogsbody.


Sirius by my_daroga
(Click to go to page on DeviantArt)


Doggies by LuezA-35. The sketch at top right is Sirius and Tibbles.
(Click to go to page on DeviantARt)


Sirius, precious Leo by Athenas-Owl
(Click to go to page on DeviantArt)

(If I haven’t credited anything properly, please let me know.)

I suspect I’m going to have to pick some Howl art before the month is done, but we’ll see what else I can find lurking around the Internet.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Not only is a lot of the fan art Howl, but many of the pieces seem to be mostly influenced by the Miyazaki film version. I love that version of Howl and Sophie but I actually don’t see them in my mind when I read the book.

    I like these Sirius pieces though! I was just out looking at Sirius the star tonight and thinking about him. 🙂


  2. No, I don’t see Miyazaki’s versions in my head, either! I once drew Sirius as denizen, but it’s a pretty terrible drawing – the first and last pictures you posted above are lovely.


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