DWJ March: Favourite Book Cover

I’m catching up with Kristen’s Diana Wynne Jones March posts again because I love Jones’ books and want to share the love.

Favourite cover is a hard question, since I have a soft spot for some of the covers I had when I was young, even if they aren’t actually the prettiest. However, I’m going to go with two covers for Fire and Hemlock.

Jones, Diana Wynne - Fire and Hemlock

The cover of my original edition of Fire and Hemlock

Jones, Diana Wynne - Fire and Hemlock

Most recent release of Fire and Hemlock


3 responses to this post.

  1. I bet I would have had a different choice if I had DWJ books as a kid. There’s definitely that nostalgia factor when it comes to childhood favorites!


  2. That first cover is really cool, but it (and the strapline) seem to concentrate their attention on Laurel, which is interesting, rather than Polly or Tom. At least, I assume that’s meant to be Laurel riding the horse, which of course doesn’t happen in the book. I’ve never really thought of Laurel being the one driving the plot, but I suppose she does, as the primary antagonist.


    • Gosh, I feel really dumb now. You know, I never noticed that and I’ve had the book for years. I just like the lines and the colours and the picture. I don’t know if I even thought about who was on the horse. Huh.


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