Some Updating is Needed

I struggled to keep this blog going last year – and I may do so again later this year as I’m still running on the “it’s a new year, so try again” mindset right now.

Anyway, that means a lot of things of the sidebar need updating.

The “Also Reading” is out of date. I have books I can’t manage to keep up with but don’t want to give up on so they just sit on Goodreads as “currently reading” and nothing much happens with them. On my Kindle, they now have a collection called “Stalled” so I may have to add a new box and have one for books I’m also reading but not right now and another for ones I’ve stalled on but do dream I’ll still get back to and finish.

The Author reads are also stalled at the moment, but mostly because when I look at what I’m up to next, it isn’t something I want to read right now. A lot of them a rereads, so I’m hoping my plans to reread in 2014 will encourage me to get at least some of them read.

My list of reviews by Author is out of date and needs to be improved. I’ll do it when I feel up to it.

So is my TBR. It has now been split into two – new reads and rereads that are Word documents. I’ll have to see if I can find a way to transfer those across to WordPress without having to do it all over again. That also fits into the when I feel up to it category.

Otherwise, we’re pretty much okay. I need to add a link to my 2013 reading on Goodreads, but that’s a quick job. Theoretically.

Maybe I better come back to this post and tick things off as I get them done.

For now, the immediate job is to add a review for the second C. L. Wilson book, which I finished today. But I wrote a long piece about the first one tonight, so want to let things digest a bit before I dive into the next book in the same series, or I may find myself saying basically the same things.

The bottom line is that I suggest you don’t trust the sidebar information too faithfully at the moment. I will try to fix it as I do like my blog and I do like having it nice. I would so LOVE to manage a year when all my books got a least a small comment and they all got posted here. I haven’t managed it yet, but I remain hopeful.


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