Book Pool for Once Upon a Time VII

Once Upon a Time VII

I hadn’t planned to do anything like a book pool for Once Upon a Time. Since I’ve only signed up for The Journey, that commits me to just as single book, I’d just thought something I picked up along the way would do. But Susan suggested it, and pretty lists of books are always fun, so I decided to go ahead.

These are mainly books from my TBR list or ones that I’ve recently added to my Kindle. A number are older books where I started rereading the series and got sidetracked, so this seems a good time and excuse to go back to them. Two (Traitor’s Knot and Fool’s Errand) I’d actually started before getting side tracked so maybe I should try to focus on those. We’ll see. Anyway, here’s a pretty list with pretty pictures.

(Now I know how to use it, I do like WordPress’ gallery function.)


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  1. I too am doing the Journey but have 19 books in my pool. Putting together lists of books is half the fun, and I have no doubt that my pool will just keep growing. I look forward to your reviews.


  2. Ooh, you are doing some lovely old fantasy there! I recognize some titles – The Sword of Calendra, The Star Scroll, and you have some lovely new ones too! I just picked up two of Anne Bishops to read for OUaT also (two that follow the Black Jewels trilogy). What a fun list you have, Kerry!!


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