Revelation by Carol Berg

Revelation (Rai-Kirah, #2)Revelation by Carol Berg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars (aka 9/10)

I keep wanting to give this 10/10 because I’m remembering the ending, which was amazing. I’m stopping myself however, because there was a section in the middle that dragged terribly while I was reading it, but it’s still a wonderful and amazing book so I’m compromising with a 9/10.

I was kind of nervous starting this as the title suggested something disturbing was going to be discovered. I was right, and rather astounded by the wrinkle Berg threw into the mix. I’d kind of guessed the basic idea, but was still surprised by the way she played it out.

Berg does push her characters to their very limits. I thought she had done the worst she could to Seyonne in Transformation, but I didn’t guess even part of it. Seyonne finished that book with his home returned to him and hope of some peace and happiness with his wife. No such luck. After having his world shaken to pieces in the first book, Berg just kept right on shaking.

As I mentioned above, I did find the long section in the demon realm very frustrating. Berg introduces the likelihood that everything the Ezzarians believe could be wrong, forces Seyonne to go looking for one the very last people he ever wants to meet, deepens the mystery then spends chapters and chapters mistreating Seyonne some more before giving him (and therefore us) a chance to figure out what might really be going on.

Once we got back to the “real” world and the plot picked up again and it all finished up in the most amazing fashion. Berg knows how to tell a compelling story when she gets right down to it, but the set up just took more time than was needed.

All the same, an awesome book in an awesome series.

I did find myself disappointed in Ysanne and I am sad about that. She tried so hard, but she just couldn’t bend enough, as Seyonne had been forced to do and go on doing and doing and doing. She could only see things they way she believed they must be, and not look beyond that to what the real truth might be. Fiona, on the other hand, was tough and determined, but eventually willing to look for that truth. Of course, we’ve been mislead about Ysanne before, but I don’t know what I want to happen this time. I think we saw her true feelings at the end when she made her decision against Seyonne. She had tried, but had nothing left to give. If that’s so, he deserves more.

Seyonne has finished up with a very interesting and set of diverse allies, and it is going to be very interesting to see how they deal with whatever is to come next.

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