Tangled Web by Crista McHugh

Tangled Web (Dezian Empire, #1)Tangled Web by Crista McHugh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars (aka 7/10)

Sorry, short again.

I admit that sometimes I’m shallow. I was originally attracted to this book by the cover. I rather like a combination of fantasy and SF and while this turned out to be more fantasy in the end, it retained the futuristic romance feeling that I rather like.

It is a romance, although not as explicit and sex heavy as I had thought it might be. There’s still a bit more instant hardening and dampening than I really need, but it all fits it well with a solid story with a solid plot. The story and the sex are both well written and that’s a credit to the writer.

Yes, there’s a lot of angsting and I was left muttering “just, talk!” every so often, but the characters actually had decent reasons for why they didn’t tell each other all their secrets. If I had been Azhura, I would probably have chickened out and made the same decision as well.

I would have liked to see more investigation into Azhura’s magic, especially how it passed to Titus, but I’m willing to wait and see if it’s in the sequel. Right now, I wouldn’t mind reading the sequel at all. We’ll see how I feel when it actually comes out in a year.

I haven’t really read any romance at all lately; I just haven’t been in the mood. So this was a pleasant return to the genre, even if it’s not a particularly mainstream example. I think Crista McHugh is an author to watch.

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