New Books

Marcus’ school gala was held a week ago and, of course, my first goal was to check out the book stall. We ended up with a good haul for both Marcus and me, as well as the pile of pony/unicorn books we found for my niece.

I managed to score 11 UK editions of Nalini Singh’s books, a copy of Laura Hillenbrand’s Seabiscuit and a DVD of the 1997 ITV version of Rebecca, which I remember really liking when I saw it on TV. (Okay, mostly I remember the lovely hardanger collar on one of the second Mrs de Winter’s blouses, but hey, I’m an embroiderer.)

Books from the Gala

To add to the “new books” feeling, my hardcover copy of Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, signed by the author, arrived a couple of days later.

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance

Lois McMaster Bujold signature in CVA

To finish off a perfect book week, two books I’ve been waiting to see published as ebooks turned up on Amazon. As I mentioned in an earlier post, both The Infinity Concerto and The Serent Mage are now both on my Kindle and I just have to find time to read them.

So I’ve had a very good book week, and thanks to the gala, it wasn’t even hugely expensive.


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