Yay! Happy Dancing!

I’ve got behind again, basically because I’m totally exhausted and sick.

That’s okay. I’ve given myself permission not to blog when that happens.

All the same, I do have ideas about things I’d like to post when I have the energy and enthusiasm. The one I’m working on at the moment is “I wish they were ebooks”. Making up my TBR list, I found all those old favourite from the 80s and 90s that I want to read. And a bunch of them, understandably I admit, are not available as ebooks. Since I’m rereading one of those right now, it make me want to make a post about those old books whose rights and/or current popularity are uncertain, but that I wish were ebooks so I could reread them more easily.

Since it was going to be an alphabetical list, right near the top after the Catherine Asaro books that haven’t been epublished (she’s working on it though) are The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage, fantasy novels by SF author Greg Bear. Most of his SF has been epubbed, but not these two that I loved and want to have in my elibrary for when I get to rereading them.

It can be hard to discover when old books turn up as ebooks, since there generally isn’t a lot of fanfare about it. I discovered a blog called New Kindle Ebook Releases that does an automated update for various genres at regular intervals. I scan down the authors each time in the hope something I didn’t know about will show up (and then I’ll be geographically allowed to buy it if it does). It’s a very useful tool and many thanks to the person who runs it.

I’m sure you can see where this is heading. Yes, those two Greg Bear books turned up on the list today, and even better, Amazon will sell them to me. I’ll be buying them as soon as that gift certificate I bought myself turns up in my email account, since my account balance went to zero when I bought Chicks Unravel Time a few days ago.

Happy, happy.

Now  I just needs the other books on the list to turn up as ebooks. (A list which I’ll try to post in the next few days, but no promises.)

P.S. Sorry the images include the Amazon stuff on them. I didn’t know if I could get rid of it or find them anywhere else. I’m trying not to make too much work for myself.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for that link – very useful and I have bookmarked. Looking forward to your list (when you have the time and energy to post – no pressure!) – I love ebook re-releases.



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  3. […] books I’ve been waiting to see published as ebooks turned up on Amazon. As I mentioned in an earlier post, both The Infinity Concerto and The Serent Mage are now both on my Kindle and I just have to find […]


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