It’s a funny old world (aka rereading Dorothy L Sayers)

Whose Body?

I’ve loved Dorothy L Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey books since I was first recommended to read them (and I’ve no idea at all when that was). Therefore, I tend to take notice if I see a post relating to the books.

A couple of days ago, I followed a link from a post on Ana’s blog, Things Mean a Lot. It took me to a new blog I hadn’t visited before, Madeline’s loudbookishtype, and a wonderful post about Sayers’ last Peter and Harriet novel, Busman’s Honeymoon.

There are some commonly accepted rules for novel-writing, and detective-novel-writing specifically, that authors have to follow in order for anyone to enjoy/buy their books. Dorothy Sayers looks at these rules, scoffs, and goes ahead and writes great detective novels that manage to break just about every commonly-accepted rule of good writing.

Madeline than goes on to explain her comment with examples, especially in relation to Busman’s Honeymoon. It’s not a view through which I’d looked at Sayers’ books before, but I find myself agreeing.

Me being me, of course, it immediately also made me want to reread Sayers Peter Wimsey books. I was tossing up on whether to go just for the Peter and Harriet ones or go back to the beginning. Amazon made the decision for me by offering me a copy of Whose Body? at a nice low price for Kindle (I suspect this one is cheaper because it’s in the public domain?). I bought it yesterday.

Today, I finished Borrower of the Night and set about choosing a next book with the random number generator. I hadn’t had time to add Whose Body? to the list, so I ran though it and mentally added Whose Body? where it would need to go (it was number 90 out of 93). I clicked on the button on my random number generator app, and guess what number came up? That’s right, number 90.

So I have started rereading Whose Body? and while I might only be a few pages in right now, I plan to enjoy myself. For a while, I’ve wanted to add Sayers to my Author Reads and also the Dream Library, as the relatively new black and while covers for the series are terribly lovely and I wish I could afford to buy both the ebooks and these lovely new editions for my shelves. I’ll have to do it (adding the pages to the blog, not buying the books sadly) when I have the energy, but they will turn up eventually.

For now, onwards with Lord Peter’s first written adventure.


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  1. Posted by cforber on 8th March, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Love the Wimsey books. And the ones that were made into tv shows with Edward Petherbridge were excellent. He is what I picture when I read the books now.


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