Started: Simon the Coldheart

So I’ve resorted to the random number generator already. I had no idea what I wanted to read after finishing Crown of Embersso I make use of my handy new TBR list. It picked Georgette Heyer’s Simon the Coldheart for me.

I’ve heard that Heyer’s historicals aren’t meant to be as good as her romances, which is one of the reasons I hadn’t rushed to read this. So I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it so far.

When I bought it, it was only available as a PDF, so I’m reading it in the Kindle app on the family iPad, which is a new experience. Happily, that too has proved much better than I expected. Marcus asked for his Kindle back (and fair enough, it’s his and I was borrowing it after mine died) so I’m reading on my phone again until I can replace my old and broken Kindle. I’m so hanging out for a new one, but have to wait until the finances and availability come together at the same time. I can’t read a PDF on my phone, so decided to try the iPad. As I said, much more pleasant than I expected, although the iPad is much too big for me to use regularly as a reader. At least I now know I have a way to read the few books I ended up with in PDF format.

Simon the Coldheart

Simon the Coldheart by Georgette Heyer

Simon Beauvallet has always known his own mind, and friend and foe alike know never to cross the flaxen-haired mountain of a man whose exploits in battle have earned him knighthood, lands and gilded armour. After Agincourt, he has no equal save the king in generalship – until his legendary prowess is balked by a woman. In Normandy, the icy rage of Simon the Coldheart must melt – or quench Lady Margaret, spitfire of Belrémy.


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  1. This is one of the first Heyers that I read and I really, really liked it! Of her 3 historicals I’ve read/attempted so far, it’s the one I liked the most. Be sure and post when you’re done!


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