Liaden Unibus II by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Liaden Unibus II (Adventures in the Liaden Universe #7-12)Liaden Unibus II by Sharon Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars (aka 8/10)

I really enjoyed getting to read more short Liaden stories. As with Unibus I, I skipped anything set after I Dare and/or Plan B and I’ll go back to those later. I also went on through the single chapbooks beyond this compilation, again reading the earlier chronological stories and skipping the ones I want to keep for later.

I always thought the Liaden chapbooks were a great idea, even if I hadn’t finished them all. Now I think it even more and I hope Lee and Miller keep the tradition going, if they are superhuman enough to manage it around all the other things they seem to have on the go.

I’m now ready to go back to the main story with Carpe Diem, but the troubling question is whether I slip in a different book first as I had made the plan for the series reread. And if I do, how do I choose between Magic Bites which I’ve suddenly had the urge to go back and try again, Leviathan Wakes which I’ve had my eye on for quite a long time and finally bought because it was on special – and available in my geographical location for a change – or Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance which I just bought from the Baen website. It’s going to be a hard choice.

Votes are welcome to help me out.

Too many books, too hard to choose.

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P.S. In the end, there was no contest. I downloaded Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance and had to start reading it immediately.


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