Liaden Unibus I by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Ooops, I didn’t realise I hadn’t added this one to the blog.

Liaden Unibus I (Adventures in the Liaden Universe, #1-6)Liaden Unibus I by Sharon Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars (9/10)

I had read some of these stories before in their individual chapbooks, but not all of them.

I’ll say quickly that I enjoyed them all and even the ones I’d read before helped make further sense of the universe.

My favourites were Changeling and Breath’s Duty.

I knew Ren Zel’s back story was in one of the chapbooks and I was glad to get to read it finally. I found myself ever so furious on his behalf and was very glad of Shan’s tendency to pick up waifs and strays when they need it. I’m rather looking forward to seeing Ren Zel again as a secondary character in the upcoming books.

Breath’s Duty was great, but I kind of wish I’d known it came around the time of Plan B and I Dare and I could have read it there. More than a piece of backstory, I felt this one was more a part of the main narrative itself and I’d have preferred to read it where it was supposed to fall.

I’ve managed to track down a rough timeline of the short stories and as I move to Liaden Unibus II I’m going to try only to read the stories that fall before Agent of Change and keep the later ones (and I know there are some on Surebleak in the aftermath of the main novels) until I’m at that point in the story. It’s all a bit vague, so I suspect I’ll get some of it right and some of it wrong, but I’ll do my best.

(Sorry this is a short one; sickness in the family, school holidays and my own health are kicking my butt right now.)

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