Reviews, Alphabetical by Author

My “reviews” are really stream of consciousness reactions to a book, with a primarily emotional focus rather than one on plot and/or craft.

All new reviews should have links that go to this blog, although some go to Goodreads (I’ve also included some to complete a series even though I never wrote a review). I have also added in those that were posted on Saving My Sanity… when I was blogging over there. Those can range from a detailed review to a short comment.

If you find some books in a series but not all of them, it’s likely I’ve read the missing ones but I wasn’t feeling well enough to write something about that particular book at the time I read it.

Books I rated 10/10 are marked with italics.

— A —

— B —

— C —

— D —

— E —

— F —

— G —

— H —

— I —

— J —

— K —

— L —

— M —

— N —

— O —

— P —

— Q —

— R —

— S —

— T —

— V —

— W —

— Y —

— Z —


3 responses to this post.

  1. You and I have quite similar taste and reactions to books! I am amazed at how many I agree with your ratings. I wish we lived closer, we could have fun reading together (I know we did it once), and exchanging books and thoughts…..thankfully blogs do exist. Still, it is rare to meet someone who has so many of the same opinions I do. So I’ve just decided I have to read more Catharine Asaro, get the Elizabeth Bear vampire series, reread Guy Gavriel Kay – I’d seen it was just rereleased again and I am due to reread what was one of my early most favourite fantasy series ever, find the Isabelle Carmody books, and try This Alien Shore. Oh, and try harder to find Kage Baker’s The Empress of Mars! I love the Company books…..fabulous list, Kerry, this should be a required list for people looking for good fantasy to read, to work from!


  2. Thank you Susan. What a lovely compliment.

    Do be aware that the review here for The Empress of Mars is for the novella. I was reading the series just before the novel version was published. I bought it (of course) but it was so soon after I’d read the novella that it felt like a reread done too soon. I will get back to it some day (copying over the reviews reminded me all about it) but there are just too many books to choose from. (Hence the title + subtitle of the blog!)


  3. […] I was adding the Blogspot reviews to my new Reviews by Author page, a few  times I had to go and check dates on Library Thing (where I originally kept my reading […]


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