Book “reviews” at Saving my Sanity…

Having just made up my reviews lists, I took a look over at my old blog at Saving my Sanity… There are a lot of reviews over there. I don’t want to import them all over here since that will probably clog up anyone who’s reading this through a feed reader. (I have no idea if any such people exist, but in case you do, I don’t want to do that to you.)

So what I’m going to do is add all those links to the lists I’ve just set up there. Following the link will take you to that blog, but if I keep the list here up to date, then hopefully that won’t matter. If you have an urge to comment, you’re welcome to do so over there. I still have the notifications on, so I’ll see them.

I expect my nice, new review lists will be rather messy until this is done (I’ll post another note when it is) since WordPress doesn’t seem to have an option for me to save the work in progress as a draft, only to republish the update. I apologise for the construction.


3 responses to this post.

  1. We exist! I read you through a feed reader!


  2. I am having fun going through your lists to see what you’ve read! It’s fun to see how many are rated, and which ones you loved. I’m reading NK Jemison now – have the third one to read, and it is one of the top fantasy series I have read recently. I am happy to see you agree with me! I haven’t reviewed them yet though, something I mean to recitify this fall.

    I don’t use a feeder, at least I don’t think I do…..


  3. Marg – Yay!

    Susan – I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I’m currently up to “I” in adding reviews. Some letters have a lot more than others. So please do keep checking back. As I said, I’ll post a note when all the old reviews have been added.

    A feed reader is something like Google Reader (that’s what I use) where you subscribe to the blogs you want to follow and it gathers all the updates for you so you only have to go to one place to see everything that’s new and you don’t miss something by forgetting to check the blog itself.


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