The Pyre of New Day by Catherine Asaro

The Mammoth Book of SF WarsThe Mammoth Book of SF Wars by Ian Watson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars (aka 7/10); this is  just for the single story

I totally admit, right up front, that I’m only reading this for Catherine Asaro’s new Soz story. SF Wars aren’t really my thing and normally I wouldn’t pick up a book with a title like this.

But I’m a big fan of Catherine’s and also of Soz’s, so I’m looking forward to see this piece of her backstory filled.

And a nice little story it was too. That’s all. Just a little story. I know I always want more when I finish a Skolian story, but I really do this time, because this is just a little teaser. I want to know what happens next. I want to see some of Soz and Hypron’s time together (even though I know it ends because I’ve read books set later). I want to see him coping with the world she’ll bring him into. With getting the biomech so he can walk again. I want to see her being happy with him. (For all that she was happy with Jato at the end of Aurora in Four Voices, I also know that didn’t end so well in the end.) Sad though it would be, I’d also like to see her losing him. I want it all. Greedy, aren’t I? And all from a little short story.

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