Started, The Outcast

This is not a new book; it was first published in 1986 and I probably read the whole trilogy (The Initiate, The Outcast and The Master) not long after that. I know I’d read them all when the first book of the second trilogy came out in 1990 because I bought those ones new on release.

While I enjoyed that second trilogy, I loved the first. Louise Cooper (who ever so sadly died unexpectedly in 2009) was an early adopter of publishing older books as ebooks and when I discovered that, I bought all three books pretty much at once. And having done that (quite a number of years ago), I immediately reread The Initiate. It’s a wonderful one but not an easy one at times (it has betrayal by supposed/former friends in it and I hate that) so when I finished, I planned to take a short break before going on to book 2. But that break grew unreasonably long as other books, like shiny metal to a magpie, kept tempting me away.

While I was reading N. K. Jemisin’s The Broken Kingdoms, I found myself loving it and wanting to read other things that, for me, carried a similar kind of tone. Now I’ve finished it, I find I don’t want to start The Kingdom of Gods (Jemisin’s final book in her Inheritance Trilogy) immediately, as I still need to finishing absorbing The Broken Kingdoms‘ nuances and finer details before going back into the same world with different characters and different viewpoints.

The Outcast is on my list of books that I think will give me a similar reading experience (not plot wise, but emotionally and intellectually) and it’s the one I’ve picked to start next. After all, it’s been waiting far longer than the others.

If you’re curious, that list currently consists of Revelation by Carol Berg, The Road to Corlay by Richard Cowper, The Sword of Calandra by Susan Dexter, The Kingdom of Gods by N. K. Jemisin,  Stormlord Rising by Glenda Larke and  In Her Name by Michael R. Hicks (I’m not sure if the last one actually fits the brief as I’ve not read anything by him, only seen reviews, but if still felt right to put it there).

The Outcast

The Outcast
Louise Cooper
Time Master, Book 2

Tarod alone knew the nature of the supernatural force locked within his soul–and he knew that it must be thwarted, no matter what the sacrifice. Denounced by his fellow adepts as a demon, betrayed even by those he loved, he had unleashed a power that twisted the fabric of time, to put himself beyond the reach of that monstrous force and avert the pandemonium that threatened the world. He thought that nothing could break through the barrier he had created. He was wrong…

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