Why is it…

…that after you’ve had books on hold at the library for months, six of them come available at once?

I was planning a quiet rereading January for the rest of the month, but now I have a bunch of other things to read, so I can finish them and send them back. And, of course, they’re all those big, heavy things made out of paper where if you fall asleep while reading one, it drops onto you face and breaks your nose.

There’s also a kind of unofficial read-a-long happening at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books where the amazing DocTurtle takes on the challenge of reading romace books Sarah chooses for him. Apparently we’re going to get the first couple of chapters of Meljean Brook’s The Iron Duke in the next few days. Since I have the book but have never read it, this seemed to be a good (and hopefully amusing) opportunity to see what I think of it. However, it’s also not a reread.

I think perhaps it will have to be a Library Books (+ The Iron Duke) January followed by a Rereads February (at least February has 29 days this year).

Of maybe not. I’ll pick up the books from the library and decide as I go along.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Murphy’s Law. Which is why all my library books are frozen (and the ones that I can’t freeze aren’t on hold, but on a separate list).

    I too haven’t read The Iron Duke either…


  2. Just re-read my last comment…didn’t need too AND either, but I guess you know what I mean 🙂


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