I was cruising the “coming soon” pages at and I found three beautiful new Diana Wynne Jones covers for Fire and Hemlock, Dogsbody and A Tale of Time City.

When I looked a little closer, I was delighted to see them listed as March Kindle releases. “Hooray!” I thought and clicked through to preorder them on the spot. I got to to find the ever awful “not available” page. When I did a search, none of them showed up.

“Oh dear,” I thought. “That’s not good.”

I signed out of my NZ based account and took another look. Still nothing. (Damn IP addresses.) I signed into a US based account I have access to (but can’t buy anything using), and there they were.

Not only are those three books coming out on 15th March, but on 31st January a number of other backlist books are released (no covers so far, but hopefully they will match the others).

  • The Homeward Bounders
  • Cart and Cwidder
  • Power of Three
  • Aunt Maria (aka Black Maria)
  • The Spellcoats
  • The Crown of Daelmark
  • Drowned Ammett
  • The Time of the Ghost

I am so frustrated (and very, very annoyed) about this. I want to give the publisher and the author’s estate money to buy these books. My money is as good as anyone else’s but they won’t take it. It is so unbelievably, [insert swear word] stupid.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Include this Aussie’s swearing along with you 😦


  2. Pretty covers…and I’m right there with you. When will publishers (and TV networks) work out that the internet means the world isn’t divided into sections as per them! At least small publishers have learnt and just go with worldwide release!


  3. I want to get Fire and Hemlock and Dogsbody! I have a feeling I won’t be able to get it through my Kindle unless I change my Philippine address to a UK one. I’ll probably just end up getting actual copies since I’d like to see them side by side with my other DWJs.


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