Barbara Hambly books reduced

If you’re a Barbara Hambly fan like me, you be delighted to know that her ebooks that were released from Open Road Media earlier in the year are currently all reduced to $1.99 on They’re not geo-restricted (Amazon let me buy them, after all) and you don’t have to have a Kindle device to read them, just the Kindle app on your PC or some type of smart phone or tablet.

I had already bought my favourite six when they were published, but that was all I could justify since they were selling at a pretty high price for backlist ebooks ($7.99 each).

Yay, I now have four more, as the reduced price is much more reasonable. There are a few others I still haven’t bought because they’re the ones I wasn’t so taken by back when they originally came out. If the price stays low and I get a sudden influx of cash, maybe I’ll try to round out my collection then.

Barbara Hambly ebooks bought initially:
The Silent Tower
The Silicon Mage
The Time of the Dark
The Walls of Air
The Armies of Daylight

Barbara Hambly ebooks bought today:
Bride of the Rat God
Search the Seven Hills
Stranger at the Wedding

I’m rather a happy ebook owner right now. 🙂


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