Quick Update

I have bee so exhausted lately, that I’ve been chopping and changing around my reading depending on how capable I feel and how awake my brain is. Right now, that’s not very much.

I’m still loving reading Janny’s Wars of Light and Shadow, but I’ve accepted that I’m only going to be able to do so when I’m feeling well. I’ll miss too much otherwise. Fortunately, I find that I can pick it up again when I feel up to it, and fall back into the story quickly and easily. So I shall read as I can and not feel guilty about needing to read something else the rest of the time. I’ll get there in the end.

I was so sad to learn of Anne McCaffrey’s death this week. As I have seen many others comment, her books were an intergral part of my teenage reading and all these years later, I still want a fire lizard.

I have been meaning to reread some of her books for ages (and have a few favourites in ebook format reading for that day), so this seems a perfect time to do so. I am now almost halfway through Restoree and enjoying it greatly, despite the many years since I first read it and even more since it was published. It stands the test of time remarkably well. In fact, I’m enjoying it so much that I’ll be adding a new Author Read for Anne’s books. I’m going to stick with the ones she wrote herself and not all her collaborations or I’ll be reading forever (even so, there are 43 of them!). Like my Georgette Heyer read, I’ll just take it a book at a time when I feel like it and enjoy myself.

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