Firebird by Kathy Tyers

I read the very original editions of Firebird and Fusion Fire back in the ’80s when they were originally published. I loved Firebird, but did struggle a bit with some of the nasty stuff Phoena got up to in Fusion Fire. I was always sad the story didn’t seem to be finished.

Move up to the new millennium and the books were rereleased in revised trade editions with a more spiritual bent from a Christian publisher. Finally the third book, Crown of Fire was released. I happily bought all three. I read and really enjoyed the new edition of Firebird (although part of me missed the original version, which I had loved so much), but again I got stuck in Fusion Fire. So to my great shame, I never actually got to read the new book. I always wanted to and the whole series has been on my reread list for a long time.

So here we are in 2011, and over the weekend I was compiling a list of my favourite books (especially older ones like these) that I own in paper and would love to be able to buy as ebooks. For each one, I did a quick online search, just in case it was available and I’d missed it, and what did I find but here was a new, annotated version of the trilogy. I bought it on the spot and I’ve started reading Firebird all over again today. This time I will keep on going with Fusion Fire and I will read all three books.

Is this a little excessive?

Which is a good thing, since today I discovered that Kathy Tyers has two more Firebird books coming out, Wind and Shadow this week and Daystar next year. Yipee, hooray! I want to tell her how delighted I am to discover this, but find myself very embarrassed that I’ll have to admit that much as I’m a fan of the series (I now own 8 editions of the 3 books after all), I never finished reading it. Maybe I’ll just lurk on her Facebook page until I’ve actually read this annotated edition of the first three books.

Please, please, do let the new ones come out as ebooks as this one did.

The Annotated Firebird: Firebird, Fusion Fire & Crown of Fire

Wind and Shadow


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