Marcus Reading #8

I am building up quite a collection of “Marcus Reading” photos. The problem is that by the time I’ve got the pictures either off my phone or my camera, I’m up to something else and I don’t actually post them. I shall try to do better, because they make a fun collection.

This one is from a couple of days ago, and give the phrase “reading the the bathroom” a slightly different meaning. Because of my CFS, washing my hair is a major task and the lovely Orannia (she keeps showing up in my posts tonight) gave me a shower stool that used to belong to her grandmother. When not it use, it usually just sits in the bath. That’s what Marcus is sitting on. I suspect that he was supposed to be brushing his teeth (or possibly washing his face) but when you take a book with you, the temptation to read it can be just too great.

What NOT to do when asked to brush your teeth, 25th September 2011


2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s a milti-purpose stool 🙂 And I remember getting distracted by books…I still do *grin*


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