Started & Finished, Eternal Kiss of Darkness

Eternal Kiss of Darkness

I thoroughly enjoy Jeaniene Frost’s books. She’s created a fun universe and she tells her tales with panache. She is however, one of those authors where I buy all her books when they come out and don’t always get them read before the next one is published. I really want to try to catch up on some of those authors, so right now I’m working on Ms Frost’s books.

I bought her first book, Halfway to the Grave, way back when it was first published. (My original review is over on Blogspot here.) I was a fan of Cat and Bones immediately and have enjoyed all their adventures – even if I am perpetually behind.

I was perfectly happy when a couple of side books were added for more peripheral characters and Eternal Kiss of Darkness is the second of those. The focus is on Bones’ “grandsire” Mencheres, an Egyptian vampire who is 4,500 thousand years old and believes his time is done. Once he meets private investigator Kira Graceling, his life gets a lot more complicated than it already was.

One of the lovely things about Jeaniene Frost’s books is that she has created a wonderful cast of characters that reappear frequently without feeling like they don’t belong in someone else’s books. So I was perfectly happy to get a book focussing on Mencheres and I really enjoyed watching him and Kira fall in love. I’m also happy knowing that I’m likely to see them working on their “happy ending” as the Cat and Bones books progress.

Another pleasure I have in reading these books is the way Ms Frost always manages to balance out the initial inequality in power between her couples (since one tends to be a vampire and the other human at the beginning of the book). The reasons differ, but by the end the human member of the partnership has gained some kind of power to allow the reader to believe these two people can have a happy ending without there being such an imbalance between them that it’s likely to cause them troubles in the future.

So all in all, another enjoyable book by Jeaniene Frost. I’ll continue to buy her books as they come out (a series about Vlad now too, yay!) and I really am going to try to catch up with the books sooner rather than later.


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