Some Finishes

Life’s been kind of crazy lately and I haven’t felt up to commenting on all my recent finishes.

After a quiet start, August turned out to be a good reading month for me. I ended up reading 11 books/stories. I did also buy 56 books, but since a lot of those were due to the Georgette Heyer sale, I’m refusing to be horrified.


I finished and enjoyed Ammonite by Nicola Griffith, although I found it hard to express my feelings about it. I liked it, but not quite knowing what to expect left me also not sure what I thought about it. This was a read for Calico Reaction’s A-Z Book Club, so you can pop over there to take a look at the discussion if you like. (I am posting over there as rocalisa.) Phoenixfalls basically sums up my feeling in her initial comments (one, two, and three). My own (pathetic) comment was:

I’ve been reading the comments and struggling to post one myself because I’m just not sure what I want to say.

I enjoyed the book and I think that phoenixfalls has basically covered all my points up above.

I remember thinking as I was reading that I had expected more, I don’t know, gender conflict in the story (how when one gender is just not there, I’m not sure), but reading Griffith’s Afterword made all that make sense. What she said about women and being just people and you’ll get all kinds was indeed what I had been reading and not been able to put into words. So I was very glad to have that Afterword there and for me, if that was what Griffith was going for, she succeeded very nicely.

I can’t say I LIKED Marghe, but she worked well for me as a character and I agree with phoenixfalls that her insistence of going to Ollfoss can out of who she was at the beginning of the novel and the fact it all seemed to end up being pretty much an anti-climax when she actually got to old Ollfoss showed that by then she had assimilated to Jeep and that drive she had, had been replaced with something much more peaceful to her state of mind.

When I finished reading, I wanted a sequel, but now some time has passed I am happy with where it ended.

So all in all, I enjoyed the book. I’m certainly very glad I read it.

Happily Never After

Wanting a quick read before seriously getting back into Peril’s Gate (and, if I’m honest, something short enough I could squeeze it in as an August read), I picked up Jeaniene Frost’s Happily Never After, which was a short piece set in her Night Huntress world. It was originally published in an anthology (Weddings from Hell I think it was called) and has now be released as a single ebook. I do enjoy Frost’s books and this was a nice, fun read exactly as I hoped it would be. The villain of the piece was a wannabe Mafia mobster and the scenes where the vampire hero, Chance, kept letting himself be killed by the bad guy and his henchmen, just to show up again afterwards and totally confuse them, were great fun.

Frost is publishing books faster than I’m reading them at the moment (I have 2 Cat and Bones and 1 of the spin-off books to read to get caught up with both series), but I’m kind of hoping I might use these books as “take a break” books while I work on getting up to date with the Wars of Light and Shadows books and end up caught up with both by the end of the year. Who knows if that will actually happen, but the plan is to give it a try.

Clear Water

So there I was, thinking I’d cleared my decks and was all ready to go back to Athera, when I got an email from Orannia at Walkabout. It was a link to a Goodreads blog by m/m romance author Amy Lane about her new book, Clear Water. I haven’t talked about it here much (and I probably won’t), but Marcus was diagnosed with ADHD last year. Things have deteriorated since then and we’re about to trial him on mediation in the hope that will help him manage his life more easily. Orannia’s one of my wonderful friends who will act as a sounding board when I need one, so she’s pretty much up with the situation. When she saw that here was a book with a hero with adult ADHD, she naturally sent me the link.

I read the post and loved what Ms Lane had to say, so I downloaded the sample for my Kindle, and when I got to the end of the sample I bought the book and kept right on reading. It was a lovely book. Patrick, the character with ADHD, is an absolute darling (I wanted to rush out and beat up every person who had ever put him down or taken advantage of him) and his hero, Whiskey was equally great in his own way. The sex scenes are well within my comfort zone (which is generally fairly mild), and my only real complaint was the high frequency use of the f-word, but I realise that is a personal taste thing.

The author really captured both being inside the head of a person with ADHD and how such a person can look from the outside. I found myself wanting to rush out and tell everyone to read it (including Marcus) for that insight alone. However, being an m/m romance (ie two gay – or in this case one gay and one bisexual – guys) I realise it totally won’t be for everyone (and that aspect of it – the sexual aspect itself rather than specifically the m/m – certainly isn’t appropriate for Marcus at seven). Therefore I won’t be randomly recommending it to everyone I meet after all, but if you do like a nice m/m romance (this one is sweet rather than angsty, the latter being something I struggle with) and would like to get some insight into adult (and also youth) ADHD, then I do highly recommend Amy Lane’s Clear Water.

Peril’s Gate

So there you go, an update on my latest reading. I am now, indeed, back to Peril’s Gate and totally caught up in the story once more. I love these books, but the are all long and expect and intelligent reader, so I found I couldn’t keep up with the group read earlier in the year and needed to take a break. With the 9th book coming out in October (Peril’s Gate is #6), I’m hoping to start getting caught up so that I won’t be too far behind when the new one arrives.


4 responses to this post.

  1. *grin* I’m so glad you enjoyed Clear Water. I’ve just started it, and I can see myself not being able to fight falling for Patrick.

    And thank you for the wonderful friend comment. That has totally made my week! *hugs*


  2. I just read my first m/m romance last week – it was a very angsty one! – and I surprised myself by enjoying it a lot. I’ll keep Clear Water in mind for future reading.


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