Happy Heyer Shopping

The Black Moth

Okay, so it did get a little complicated about who was selling what and in what formats, but at the end of it, I now have all Georgette Heyer’s books that have been published as ebooks by Sourcebooks. That leaves me six short, which are going to be published once a month through to the end of January next year. Since I’m now so close to having a full set, I guess I’ll be buying those six as they come out.

I started Heyer’s first book, The Black Moth, almost straight away, and while my reading of anything is slow right now, I’m enjoying it. It doesn’t have the sophistication of her later books, but everything that makes her books such a delight is still there.

I guess I’ll be adding an Author Read page for Heyer now, as I do want to (again, slowly) read my way through her books. They have been published most recently by Arrow in the UK and Sourcebooks in the US. I can never decide which covers I think are the prettiest (I suspect Arrow wins by a nose), but I do like the trade paperback format of the Arrow books (I have several on my physical bookshelf downstairs) which are very nice, satisfying books to hold and read. Upon reflection, I’ve decided to do the Author Read with the Sourcebooks covers and a Dream Library entry with the Arrow editions as, if I was adding paper copies to my dream library, I would choose to buy the Arrow books.

And really, does any of that even matter? Probably not, but it means something to me and this is my blog so there you go.


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