Planning some shopping

Georgette Heyer

I have 28 ebooks in my shopping cart at Books on Board at the moment. Right now, they would cost me US$283.31 (and that’s with US$108.39 in savings, so the total retail cost of the cart would be US$391.70). Hopefully, once the clock ticks over midnight in the US, that total will drop to something actually affordable.

You see, Sourcebooks is having an ebook sale on Georgette Heyer books to celebrate Ms Heyer’s 109th birthday on the 16th August. Instead of costing about US$13.99 each, Heyer ebooks will be reduced to US$1.99 for the week. I’ve been saving up my pennies and I should have enough money to pick up all her romances that are available (bar the four I’ve already bought as ebooks).

What I actually buy will depend on what prices do or don’t drop come midnight, but I’m very much looking forward to an ebook splurge. If you’re a Heyer fan, go check out the sale yourself. If not, know I’ll be enjoying my new books once I actually have them.


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  1. Ohhh, happy shopping 🙂


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