Started, Crystal Dragon

Finally, I am back reading another Liaden novel. I started with great gusto earlier in the year to reread the series before Ghost Ship came out, but it all kind of ran to ground (am I mixing my metaphors?) a few months ago. Ghost Ship is now sitting on both my shelf in hardback and my Kindle in ebook and I’m no closer to reading it.

I briefly flirted with the idea of reading Ghost Ship anyway (shiny new book, so much temptation), but there are things in the Theo storyline I don’t remember and I remember very, very little of the main Liaden storyline. Ghost Ship brings both of those together, which is why I had planned the reread. On consideration, I decided to continue with the reread first, as I think I’ll get more out of Ghost Ship that way.

Crystal Dragon

What do you do when home is a conspiracy that’s been discovered and destroyed? When home is a planet in a star system that’s gone missing? When home means working for the destroyers of galaxies? When home is a spaceship that’s calling out to the enemy? Cantra ‘yos Phelium isn’t a quitter, but she has more than a little problem: the Enemy has accelerated its attacks and how do you fight an Enemy whose major form of attack is the de-crystallization of everything around itself? A smuggler with a rogue soldier for a co-pilot, and a tree with an attitude for crew, Cantra’s the only one who can get close to the man who holds equations that just might thwart the Enemy. All she has to do is help a young pilot from a missing world; juggle a slippery promise she never quite made to a pair of wizards; and then forget who she is along with everything – and everyone – she’s ever known.


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