Not Reading Much – or a Lot at Once

I’ve had a cold for the last couple of weeks – which have also been the school holidays – so I haven’t felt like reading much. Or rather, I’ve felt like reading but couldn’t stick to anything or get caught up in anything. All of which means that instead of sticking with a book and actually getting it read, I’ve been flitting around a bunch of books without focussing on anything.

I sat down and assessed the situation yesterday. So two books have been deleted off the Kindle and considered non-finishes (both were child behavioural books, one a general one and one about ADHD and I’d already read the bits that interested me most). I did finish one (The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews which will be getting a post later today I hope) and the others will remain sitting there waiting for me (longer, more complicated books like The Snow Queen and Peril’s Gate).

For some reason, I’m not finding Mary Roach’s Bonk: The Strange Coupling of Science and Sex to be as readable or fascinating as her other books – I think she’s a bit more self-conscious about the subject this time, which doesn’t help, and maybe I am as well. But it isn’t due back at the library yet, so I still home to finish it.

And thanks to the wonders of social networking, I’ve just discovered a new author. This morning I bought Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes after her husband posted about her books and my husband (who knows hers) shared the post. I tried the sample, liked it and the book is now happily sitting on my Kindle. I’m only in chapter 1, but I like the voice and tone a lot so far. Certainly enough to pay money for it. I suspect I’ll read this one before trying to go back to the others.

As you see, my reading is all over the place, but I’m hoping to be back on the straight and narrow (so to speak) soon.


2 responses to this post.

  1. […] I said is an earlier post today, I discovered this author through a couple of degrees of social networking. My husband knows […]


  2. The straight and narrow is often over-rated 🙂


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