Started & Finished, The Real Macaw

The Real Macaw

I’ve been reading Donna Andrews’ Meg Langslow series for years now and each time a new book comes out I look forward to reading it. Since I got caught up and the books went to hardcover, I’d taken to borrowing them from the library as soon as they came out and then buying a paperback copy later, when that was released. They’re keeper books, but not hardcover keeper books.

One thing I had keep looking for was ebook editions, but they never came out, so I stuck with the read from the library/buy later option. At last, with the upcoming release of The Read Macaw, the ebooks showed up. This one was at the equivalent of ebook hardcover price (US$11.99), but with the New Zealand dollar so good at the moment, that was still going to be less than I would pay for a paperback here. So I figured “go for it” and bought the ebook despite the high price.

(Even when I take the exchange rate into consideration, I find that I’ve developed a US mindset and consider pretty much anything above US$10 to be highly priced. I saw a few books I would have liked recently that were US$14.99 for the ebook and at least two of them were reprints. I felt that was way, way too high and didn’t buy. Especially since I owned paper copies already.)

Anyway, diversion aside, it was good to be able to read the new Meg book. It didn’t have as many laugh-out-loud moments as some of them do, but it was a good solid story and I do enjoy my time with Meg and her crazy friends and relations. I didn’t guess who did it – although these days I don’t really try, just enjoy reading the book – which is always a good thing. This is a fun series, light and fluffy and easy to read without taxing the old brain too much, which is exactly what I’ve needed lately. I’m not going to say anything about the plot, but will suggest that if you want a fun, slightly crazy cozy mystery series to read, you can’t go wrong with this one.

The first book is Murder with Peacocks, which has been released as an ebook at the introductory price of US$2.99. Do give it a try. If you’re the cozy mystery type, then I don’t think you’ll regret it. After a slightly boring start title-wise, the books also have fun, pun-ny titles that always make me smile. I always wait to see what Ms Andrews will manage to come up with next. The Real Macaw is book 13, so the combination of birds and puns must be getting harder.

A thoroughly enjoyable 8/10.

Meg Langslow series:

  1. Murder with Peacocks
  2. Murder with Puffins
  3. Revenge of the Wrought-Iron Flamingos
  4. Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon
  5. We’ll Always have Parrots
  6. Owls Well that Ends Well
  7. No Nest for the Wicket
  8. The Penguin that Knew Too Much
  9. Cockatiels at Seven
  10. Six Geese A’Slaying
  11. Swan for the Money
  12. Stork Raving Mad
  13. The Real Macaw

Donna Andrews has also written four mystery books featuring an AI, but I never really got into those. The first is You’ve Got Murder.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I read the first one of these a year or so ago and loved it – must try to get some of the others.


  2. Don’t know this one – may have to download book 1 for me. Thanks!


  3. I’d say give it a go. You’ll know from the first book if you’re going to like the series, and the first one is at a reduced price right now if you can find somewhere that will sell it to you (the pain of being on NZ or Aus).


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