Places to Read on Pinterest

I just joined Pinterest, after seeing some of my online friends using it. I’d kind of ignored it before (“Oh no, yet another trendy site”) but it looks like it might be great for me to save some of the pretties I find around the net. So I started in suitably bookish fashion by searching the site for places to read. I’ll probably add at least some on the on here, but if anyone would like to take a look at the reading spots that have caught my interest, you’re welcome to pop over and take a look.

Places to Read on Pinterest


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yup – I love Pinterest as a great place to share those photos you see on the web. I use to just link them to Twitter, but not everyone is on Twitter and those that are often read via phone etc which is not optimal for some photos 🙂

    So Pinterest is great as a single spot to share any fun/thought-provoking/exciting/silly pictures you see as you travel around the intertubes.


  2. WOW! What great photos! *drools*


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