Started & Finished, Anything Goes

Anything Goes

I bought this back in April when it was on sale. I’ve enjoyed watching John Barrowman as Captain Jack in both Doctor Who and Torchwood (although I never managed to get up the courage to watch the last episode of Children of Earth) and I’d heard he was quite a character.

His unique voice comes through and I enjoyed the book a lot. It was exactly what I needed as a lighter-toned break between The Darkest Road and The Snow Queen, which I plan to read next.

Most of all, his love for his family and his partner shines through the text as the core of his life. It’s always nice to find out someone you admire for his/her work seems to be a genuinely nice person as well. That’s what comes through in this book. I’m very glad I decided to buy it and to read it.

Thanks for a welcoming insight into your life, John. 8/10.


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  1. He’s great isn’t he – he always comes across as such a nice guy. You should watch that Torchwood episode. It’s worth it. Especially as there’s a new series starting TONIGHT! 😀


  2. I loved this too. And the second book, I Am What I Am is even better, imo.


  3. Thank for the recommendation, Cath. I had seen there was a second book, but hadn’t thought about buying it. I shall add it to my wish list now.


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