Finished, The Darkest Road

The Darkest Road

The whole point of this blog was to take away the stress of blogging. I’m very tired at the moment (Marcus just had three days home from school sick) and as much as I loved finishing the story of the Fionavar Tapestry, I can’t think of anything wise or clever (or really at all) to say about it right now.

All the same, I loved the story all over again and I’m so glad that a long time favourite stood the test of time so well for me, earning it a 10/10 rating.

Kmont at Lurv a La Mode had an interesting post up today talking about our memories of books and whether we remember the story or the feeling the book left for us. I think for me (I have a terrible memory, especially since I developed CFS) it is certainly about an emotional memory rather that one for the specifics of the book.

I’ve always had such good feelings for this series that is wonderful to find I still feel that way after rereading it.

I had been a little concerned that I wasn’t going to want to reread Tigana after finishing this – I remember feeling rather trashed at the end of my original read from all the emotions I’d been dragged through. But no, having finished this, I’m very ready to read. I just have to wait a little until the budget lets me get myself a Kindle edition.

(Clearly, once I get started I do find something to say.)


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