New Book, Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Last night, Orannia from Walkabout and I went to a book tour event with Nalini Singh at the Takapuna Library. It was a lovely evening – Nalini is such a lovely lady and so vibrant and passionate when she talks. Check out Orannia’s post for some thoughts on the evening – and some hints/comments Nalini made about her upcoming book plans.

As I said in my introduction to my dream library, books for me are becoming two different things – the content (ie the story) and the physical artifact. So when I go to see an author, even if I have bought their books as ebooks (as I do with Nalini’s books) I’ll try to buy a paper copy of the latest or a favourite and get that signed to be my memento and memory of my time meeting the author.

I did that last night and now I have a very nice, trade-paperback of Kiss of Snow, which I previously only owned (and read) as an ebook. This is a UK/NZ edition and I’ve never owned one of those before. When I was buying Nalini’s books in paper I was getting US editions as they weren’t published down here at that point (kind of ridiculous when you consider that Nalini is a New Zealand author). As this is my “artifact” book, I don’t mind that it looks different from the others and it is ever so pretty.

Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh

Signed by the Author

Two signed books in two days – I am doing well. I don’t really think that I can expect the trend to continue though.


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