The Dreaded Lurgy

I’ve had a flu over the weekend. Blergh. It’s Monday now and I’m feeling a bit better. I’ve still got all the cold symptoms, but the worst of the muscles aches and that kind of thing seems to have passed (I hope).

So not much reading or anything else for me the last few days. I’ve got a couple of quotes I want to post, a new author read (one I wasn’t planning at this stage, but a book group has got me bringing it forward) and a lovely new book in the mail today to share. I took some photos of the latter, but they’ve got bad flash reflection in them so I’m going to try again later in the day when there’s some direct sunlight to use.

Right now, I’m going to try for a nap to work on the whole “getting better” thing. It’s the last week of term here, so I need to be as fit as possible by the end of the week and I’ve got a bunch of meetings and things before then.


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