Joan D. Vinge, Tiamat Cycle

This series is, in many ways, one of my reading failures. I’ve read The Snow Queen several times over the years and always loved it. I’ve also read the second in the series, World’s End, at least twice. And from there, I’ve always got stuck at The Summer Queen. There are a few reasons for that (possibly plus more my subconscious hasn’t yet thrown up). First of all, my paperback copy is long (949 pages) the paper is thin and the text is small. When I finally faced up to all those issues and started, I got a certain way through and the narrative reached a point where a confrontation I didn’t really want to watch was inevitable. I put it down for a breather. I didn’t pick it back up. There was nothing wrong with the book (in fact, it was excellent); I was a wimp.

So here I have a series where I know the first two books well and have never managed to finish the third. The Summer Queen has sat on my TBR shelf for ages, waiting for me to pick up my courage (which I’ve totally failed to do). I’d always thought I’d just start it one day, since I remember the important stuff from the first two pretty well. But now the SciFi and Fantasy Book Club is reading The Snow Queen for its July read and I find myself very tempted by a reread. I am so hoping this might lead to me continuing to read and finally finishing the series. So I’ve added it here to encourage me to do exactly that.

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I love the Michael Whelan covers for these books. I have a print of The Snow Queen hanging in my dining room (and I dream of one day getting to cross stitch both Snow and Summer). Sadly, my copy of The Snow Queen looks like something that might qualify as low-budget 70s bondage, so I always try to imagine Michael Whelan while I’m reading it.

The Snow Queen

World's End

The Summer Queen

Tangled Up in Blue

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Andrew on 8th September, 2011 at 5:49 pm

    Just read it :). The first two books were good but this one just blows my mind.


  2. Thanks for that. You encourage me to get on with it. Right now though, I’m reading Janny Wurts so I’m going to focus on those first, but I really, really do want to read this one.


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