Finished, Archangel’s Consort

Archangel’s Consort

I always enjoy Nalini Singh’s books. She does really good, solid world-building and she makes the effort to stay consistent from book to book, something that I really appreciate.

There was a moment in the book where Elena reflects of what Raphael might be like in a thousand years. I found myself wondering along with her, quite willing to believe Singh’s world would still be there in a millennium – although I have no idea what it would look like my then. All the same, I’d rather like to get the chance to see Raphael and Elena after they had that much time to grow into power and into each other.

While this book didn’t blow me away, it was a read I really did enjoy. It was lovely to go back to visit this couple again and see how they continue to grow. Elena’s evolving, complicated relationship with her family was both painful and yet kind of lovely to read. The scene right at the end where Raphael goes with her to somewhere that is kind of a spoiler, was beautiful. It showed the depth of the love between them in the support they give each other.

I did pick up on one of the major plot points, which made me happy, but that may have been because I desperately didn’t want things to turn out the way they seemed to be going.

The next book, Archangel’s Blade, is about Dimitri. Part of me can’t wait to see fate and love catch up with him, but I hope we don’t forget about Elena and Raphael as well. I want to know more about them, and especially how they will interact with the new character that made him/herself know in this book.

More please, Nalini. More.



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