Finished, The 10PM Question

The 10PM Question

I can’t think of what I want to say about this book, and since the point of this blog is to share my enjoyment of books without stressing myself out (and today has already been highly stressful for other reasons), so I shall leave my comment simple.

Read this book!

Kate de Goldi has written a wonderful book that creates a delightful set of characters and addresses difficult issues (anxiety and mental illness) with tact and respect.

Frankie is just a delight. His worries are well drawn and understandable and the ending is perfect. There’s no magic, happy ending, but things are going in the right direction and Frankie is making progress.

This isn’t my usual sort of book, but it was beautiful. I loved Frankie’s interactions with his family and friends and I loved Frankie so much. I just wanted to take him home and make it all better for him.

It’s also one of the simplest but best descriptions I’ve read of the start of a panic attack. Been there, done that, and I felt just the way Frankie feels in the book.

A lovely, lovely book. Do give it a try.

A well deserving 10/10.


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